Thursday, August 23, 2007

catskills: the good, and the bad & ugly

Kettleskill Falls. The two white specks, lower middle of the frame, are Liz and Eric. Dahl.

Dahl's response: "Now listen closely children and let me tell you a cautionary tale. When you graduate college there are a wonderful plethora of choices you can make! You can choose to be the ambitious banker, working long hours into the night so that you can pay for lovely-wonderful delicacies like health insurance and a house! You could also choose to be the diligent grad-student, industriously advancing your education/delaying your immersion into the terrifying real world. Or you can be the studious paralegal, making money and logging the necessary hours to pad your resume, so as to have a shot at Yale, the glorious Xanadu of college graduates. Or, you can choose the lazy artist's life, making money by teaching rich children what they should already know and then frittering that money away on flaccid personal "artistic" projects and cheap beer to keep the demons at bay. IS THAT WHAT YOU FUCKING WANT?! DO NOT AVERT YOUR EYES FROM THIS UNSHAVEN MONSTROSITY!! THIS WILL BE YOU!! REPENT!! REPENT OR DIE!!!"

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Busy weekend

The Savannah Theater Project was up here to do a workshop and a couple of performances at Dartmouth, and I let them crash at my place, in return for which they let me take pictures of them. Those of you who are live in or near New York City (readership survey indicates that this number is between 0 and 6, give or take half a dozen) should go see their play, "Freedom! and the Sticky End of Make-Believe", which is happening three times at the Fringe Festival, this weekend, August 10-11-12. Click here for details.

This is what their training looks like:

This is what their show looks like:
This is Hannah sitting in a fortunate shaft of sunlight:

This is Sarah Hughes in the audience:

And this is from a series of headshots and portraits of Sarah:

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