Friday, November 21, 2008

One Thousand Hundred

Anyone who knows me well enough to frequent this blog (all six of you), will know that I have a great fondness for driving, towns with interesting names, round numbers, representative democracy, and the Mountain State. Therefore you can imagine how pleased I was to arrive in the town of Barrackville, WV, just two days after our recent election, with my odometer ticking over to 100,000 miles. Dig:

(You might have to click and enlarge in order to see the mileage.)

Of course, West Virginia was a red state this cycle, but Barrackville's Marion County went blue by 117 votes out of a total 23,119 cast.

Next goal: catch up with Mark Mulligan, who recently hit 150,000. Might be a challenge, since he says he's put 75,000 on it in just 3 years. 

As a little anniversary present for "Rose Marie", I've compiled some shots of good times along the road (special thanks to guest photographers Annie Snodgrass and Hannah Chodos). 

With her toes in the pacific:
Coming down Lombard St., America's crookedest road:
Driving through a redwood:
Golden Gate Bridge:
Sloan in Big Bend:
Tommy and Andrew, hijinks at a rest stop:
Here's to the next 528 million feet.

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